The Mysterious Death of Sgt. Sean Drenth Pt. I                                      Fast and Furious Weapons in Phoenix Pt. I

Who killed Sgt. Sean Drenth?  He was shot to death                                   After spending months building sources and digging for clues, 
on-duty more than a year ago.  Several strange                                          Lori Jane was the only reporter to reveal actual, internal ATF 
circumstances surround his death, including a looming                              documents proving weapons linked to the controversial Fast and
Attorney General's investigation.  See the full 30-minute                            Furious case turned up at crime scenes in the Phoenix area.   
investigation at abc15.com/drenth.                           



Fast and Furious Weapons in Phoenix Pt. II                                           Medical Marijuana Debate Undercover

Lori Jane discovered nearly 50 additional weapons linked                         As Arizona voters prepared to vote on Proposition 203 - whether
to the Fast and Furious case were found at the scene                                 or not to approve the medical use of marijuana - Lori Jane traveled
of a Phoenix-area crime.                                                                              California to check on the medical marijuana law in place there.


Bizarre School Board Behavior 
                                                                Taxi Test

A school board accused of spending public funds on                                   How do you know you're paying the right price for a taxi ride?
non-educational purposes holds very unusual board meetings.                   Lori Jane goes undercover to find out whether you're getting
The state Attorney General is investigating.                                                 taken for a ride.



Smuggling Vehicles
                                                                                      Drowning at the Salt River

Certain vehicles are becoming easy targets for thieves who                         Lori Jane sorts through years of data to find the deadliest place
are smuggling humans and drugs.  Lori Jane uncovers the                          on the Salt River, a place where thousands of people go swimming
hot spots for theft and the reason particular vehicles in the                         and tubing each year.
Phoenix-are being used for crimes near the border.


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